Rural poverty and deprivation continues to be a major challenge to the planners and policy makers in India. The problems are boundless and diverse, the resources are limited. Whatever programme are designed with limited manpower and financial resources fail to deliver the desired results, leaving the planners to contem­plate how to address the numerous issues of development. Apart from the government machinery, there are voluntary or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) trying to make a dent on rural poverty and the problems attached to it. Many individuals and agencies, including the government, have acknowledged their contribution to the sector.
Ibtada is a not for profit, non-governmental development organisation. It evolved in the year 1997 when the founder Director conducted Benchmark Survey of Mewat for Government of Rajasthan that unveiled the scale of backwardness in this area. This led to the initiative called "Ibtada" an Urdu word that means 'the beginning'.
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