Girl Child Education (Taleemshalas)
Due to the inferior status of women in Mewat region, education and well being of girl child is largely neglected. The education system has not been effective to reach out to the girl child. The community has also its own myths and reservations about educating girls. In-depth discussions, participatory problem analysis and planning have helped Ibtada to evolve a community based education system. As result of which Ibtada started separate learning centers for the girls called Taleemshalas.
The underlying philosophy of Taleemshalas is closely knit with basic human rights. It treats the child a human being first and a student later. It promotes democratic processes in the school and equitable relationship between student and teacher.
The basic beliefs of Taleemshala programme are:
Education empowers an individual with knowledge, skills, and confidence to negotiate and create one’s space in this world.
It leads to rational thinking and behavior
Learning can not be imposed on the child; it should be joyful, without fear or pressure
Taleemshalas follow modern approaches of education such as no class or standard system, no examinations or one time testing of students’ abilities. The child has flexibility to learn at her own pace. It focuses on quality education centered on the time availability, needs and learning ability of the girl child, and strengthening the community drive for education of their children. This is all the more appropriate for our girl students who cannot make to the school regularly. Today (December 2009) we have proudly 121 Taleemshalas with 3350 girls studying. 477 girls have passed class V exams of which 307 are studying in government and private schools.
The journey started with …. Taleemshala with a dream to bring light of knowledge and education in a girl’s life who is always bounded and led by societal and religious prejudices.
Women’s institutions promoted by IBTADA are actively involved in setting up and supporting Taleemshalas. Because Ibtada believes that the goal of women's empowerment will not be achieved without educating next generation, the girl child.
Other community institutions like Village Education and Development Committees (VEDCs) and Mothers Committees have evolved to make girl child education an issue among community.
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