Community Initative to Strengthen Govt. Schools
Ibtada believes that without involvement and cooperation of government schools, availability and quality of education cannot be improved. This is so because the quantum of resources both in terms of money and manpower, at disposal of government system cannot be matched by any other external agency. Therefore, Ibtada has been trying to coordinate with government school system in various capacities since 2003 like opening libraries and placing teachers/animators in government schools, back to basics, organizing various trainings for government school teachers etc.
In order to make government school system more effective and beneficial for the students and community as a whole, Ibtada initiated a unique project of directly placing its trained motivators in the government schools to make the teaching-learning process more responsive and effective in fulfilling the requirement of the student community.
Main objectives of the project are as follows:-
Improvement in the school environment, teaching learning processes and community participation in Government schools.
Improvement in learning levels of students in the target schools.
Strengthening of School Development Management Committees in the villages.
Improvement in role of the village community in school management and development.
Empowered community institutions in the villages to strengthen the education processes.
Better coordination between education authorities, teachers and communities
The Beginning
Before initiation of the project, detailed surveys covering sex-ratio, social, economic and education status, problems and needs of the target communities were done and on its basis, community profiles were prepared as a base for further work. Thereafter, in January 2009, Ibtada started work with 22 Govt. schools by placing its motivators there. Earlier the plan was to place one motivator full time for each school but due to non availability of qualified motivators, 1 motivator is responsible for two schools. Most of the motivators were earlier working as teachers in Ibtada run Taleemshalas.
Initial 2-3 months were invested in building relationship with the schools. Regular meetings with the community were organized to give details about the work done by the motivators. Initially government school teachers were skeptical and opposed deputation of motivators in the school but gradually they also understood the importance of the support and work done by these motivators. Community’s intervention in this regard also helped motivator create his own space in the government system.
About 2300 students in 22 schools are getting benefited with this intervention.
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