Community Development through Livestock Rearing
Community Development through Livestock Rearing:
The project is supported by Heifer Project International (HPI), USA. The main philosophy of HPI is fostering 12 cornerstones among the project partner members, leading to overall development in the lives of the members. The core to these 12 cornerstones is ‘Pass on the Gifts’.
So any member who receives any kind benefit, be it material, training, information or any other form has to pass it on to next needful member. Goat or any small ruminant is used as a tool to enhance the incomes of the families. The project also focuses on improving quality of life through various skills and interventions such as promoting gender sensitivity in the family, better sanitation and hygiene, improved nutrition through kitchen gardening, and focus on education and literacy.
There are 173 original families and 132 pass on families under the project.
Community Development (Pashu Sakhi / Women Paravets) :
Ibtada had a very keen focus on animal husbandry as livelihoods intervention with SHGs. It was also studied that community skills, attitude and knowledge about good practices was limited. Therefore, continuous capacity building and services are required to be imparted to SHG members for enhancing incomes from animals. Thus, Ibtada strategised to prepare a cadre of women health workers whom we named as ‘pashu sakhies’. After the initial 6 days training to these women, ongoing inputs and handholding support is provided in the field. Ibtada has imparted training to 62 sakhies so far.
They are able to effectively treat small animals such as goats. A kit is provided by Ibtada which contains necessary medicines. When these sakhies come for monthly meetings, they refill their kits from the amounts they recover from the field. They also do vaccination and de worming of the goats in Heifer Project area (goat rearing). In addition to the fact that these women earn some income from the service they provide to the community, this has increased the profile of women in these villages. After training they feel now they have an identity for there own, their confidence level has increased and they see difference in their lives after becoming “pashu sakhi”.
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