Community Finance & Livelihood Resource Centre
Over the years, Ibtada has gained a rich grassroots and strategic experience of community based savings and credit program. Using this rich experience, it has evolved itself as a resource agency for community based savings and credit program. Ibtada has provided many trainings and orientation trainings for bankers, Government functionaries, Alwar Milk Union and other NGOs of Rajasthan. It organizes regularly exposure visits for individuals, organizations and agencies. Building on the expertise, Ibtada has started providing inputs to the groups promoted by banks and ICDS for strengthening their systems and management.
CFLRC is a joint initiative of IBTADA, Alwar and CMF Jaipur. This centre has been established to cater the need of quality, timely and professional resource support to CBO’s, SHPI’s, government departments, banks on microfinance and livelihood promotion.
Ibtada and Cmf have gained considerable experience in community based microfinance and livelihood promotion and want to share this knowledge with wider constituencies and stakeholders.
Mission of CFLRC
Mission of CFLRC is to create and disseminate knowledge and provide quality support inputs SHGs and SHG based institutions, SHPIs, bankers and other stakeholders which in turn would enhance the quality of these institutions and the overall microfinance sector to improve credit access to the poor, facilitate enhancement of their livelihoods and contribute to their empowerment.
Roles and service of Resource Centre
RC will offer the following services:
Training facilitators, book-keepers, leaders and board members (CBOs)
Developing training material/modules for use of the facilitators
Hand-holding of SHG facilitators
Handholding services to selected SHPIs for mF programmes
Grading the institutions – SHGs/ SHG Federations
Training other resource persons such as community level Resource persons.
Seconding services of CRPs to other SHPIs
Conducting microfinance immersion program for bankers and NGO heads
Providing customized services to other agencies on request
Conduct studies and document good practices for own learning and dissemination.
Activities carried out under CFLRC are
Certified Trainers in Micro Finance
November 21-25, Ibtada Resource Centre, Nogawan
20 participants from different NGOs. 
Tejinder Singh Bhogal and Sanjeev Kumar as trainers
  Perspective Building on SHGs and Leadership
Four NGO partners of CEE Ahmedabad
December 21-23, CASA Resource Centre Udaipur
Training of HGVS, Almora
HGVS Staff training on Community based Micro Finance Institutions
January 27-29, Ibtada Resource Centre, Nogawan
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