Agriculture still remains main source of livelihood for rural population. Landholding of farmers are very small and the only source of income for them. To increase the productivity with limited sources is the basic objective behind agriculture intervention. Strategy adopted under the initiative is to minimize the cost of production by improved farm practices and management.
Package of Practices
Package of practices is a set of improved agriculture practices that should be followed by farmers for defined crops so that crop production can be increased, diseases and pest occurrence can be limited cost of production minimised.
The best part is that women from SHGs are trained to adopt these practices. Their husbands may also join the trainings. Ibtada worked with 1837 farmers in 4 crops – bajra, onion, mustard and wheat during the year 2009. The results in bajra are very encouraging. The yield compared to non POP fields is 50 percent more and as compared to last year is 37 percent more.
In addition to training, follow up and field support, inputs are also supplied by federations. The farmers are also happy to have received the inputs at doorsteps. The federations have also earned some margins with this activity.
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